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Rental provides equipment rental owners and managers with the information they need to effectively manage their assets for maximum profitability. With this focus, Rental speaks to the one thing that unites all rental businesses, big and small, and that is the equipment itself. Rental also touches on the issues which are not related to equipment, but instead, relate to personnel, finances and more.

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*July - December 2023 - FCP Shared Media Channel
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Website Advertising

Include your Standard, High Impact and/or Native Banner within the Rental Content Channel where contractors consume relevant content on and offsite.

Email Marketing

Connect with Rental Magazine's key audience by distributing your custom email, survey, or product offering to a highly targeted list of contractors. 

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Surround your brand message around new, relevant content in the Rental Watch and other Rental Magazine Newsletters.

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Featured: Rental Watch

Provides the latest news on the equipment rental industry, as well as economic insight into the construction and equipment markets that affect it.

Rental Market Watch

The latest regional outlook, hot products, and rental industry news.

Power Rental

Rental trends and usage for power generation equipment, providing readers with information about how to capitalize on the need for these products to grow their business.


Elevating Safety provides general guidelines for safety and best practices in the use of powered access equipment.

Lead Generation

Through our ENTENT lead generation services, achieve unparalleled reach through our industry leading Rental Magazine’s audience.

82% of marketers are now actively using lead generation programs, driven by content or advanced engagement marketing.

Taking a content & information centric approach to demand generation drives over 3x as many leads as traditional marketing efforts.

Lead generation marketing through content costs 62% less, on average, than "traditional marketing."


Feature your video commercial (up to 30 second) prior to one of our videos, or create a long-form stand-alone video targeted to those consuming road building content.

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Include your podcast commercial in The Bottom Line podcast or sponsor your own podcast to be promoted to the Rental Magazine audience. 

Social Media

Associate your brand message with Rental Magazine’s social media accounts targeting email subscribers and those who have visited the Rental channel.

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