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Build Brand Awareness and Drive Sales,
All While Increasing Your Reach to a Targeted Audience.

Your customers are watching more videos than ever before. Harness this opportunity to align your video with relevant industry content, whether it is a short video ad or a teaser for a longer segment.

Amplify the Value of Your Video with:

  1. Pre-Roll Video

  2. In-Content Video Ads

  3. Featured Video

  4. Connected TV

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This is an excellent way to cover:

  1. Product Launches

  2. Live Event Coverage

  3. PR News & Announcement

  4. Product Walk Arounds

  5. Or Any Other Promotion!

More than 92% of B2B prospects consume online video. Wield the power of the most engaging product on the market, and stream your live or pre-recorded video across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

No Video, No Problem!

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Using our proprietary 1st party subscriber data from our websites, we can target a specific core audience with sponsored advertisement across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Target our website users as they browse their social feeds.

Use any social ad options, including:

  1. Image

  2. Carousel

  3. Show Now CTA

  4. & More!

Podcasts offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information and create a deeper relationship with our readers. With smartphones being the primary source for engagement, place your commercial in one of our established podcasts. Commercials can be supplied or recorded for you.

Digging deeper

This series delves deeper into larger issues and trends influencing the construction industry, as well as best practices and tools that can help improve jobsite efficiency, productivity, profits and safety.


This Rental-focused podcast series features conversations and interviews with subjects from around the industry that pertain to the challenges, questions, goals, and business tips that business owners want to know about and have answered.

Sponsored Podcast Series

The Contractor's best friend 

Caterpillar has a lot to say about various topics in the industry, so we have helped them record a podcast series that we edit, promote, and house on our site. They bring their team of experts and we take care of the rest! The series, now in their fourth season,  moderated by starring author and coach, Brad Humphrey, reaching thousands of listeners and covering topics from drones to millennials. 

Tenna Talks.png

Tenna Talk 

Tenna talks with ForConstructionPros and special industry and contractor guests in the TennaTALK podcast mini-series to inform the construction industry about business systems and tech trends built for construction companies owning and operation an equipment fleet. Listen in to learn how contractors can choose and use the right tools for success. 

Direct Access.png

Direct access 

The Direct Access Podcast from JLG Industries, and hosted by ForConstructionPros, takes a deep dive into the company's cutting-edge access equipment and explores everything from the inspiration behind the machines to how they are engineered to take out some job site pain points. 


HR Punchlist

Arcoro talks with ForConstructionPros and special guests in this HR Punchlist podcast mini-series to inform the construction industry about HR issues. Listen in to learn how contractors can choose and use the right tools for success. 

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