Podcasts offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information and create a deeper relationship with our readers.  With smartphones being the primary source for engagement, it’s easy for people to listen on morning commutes, during exercise and even while on the jobsite!

We offer a few ways you can connect with your target audience via on-demand podcasts: 


Podcast Commercial: Include your (up to) 30 second commercial Pre, During or After an FCP Podcast. Commercials can be supplied or recorded for you.

Established podcasts are listed below.


Sponsored Podcast: Create an educational, thought leadership and non-commercial podcast hosted in partnership with an ACBM editor. Podcast to be recorded as a discussion with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing talking points to use for reference. 


Sponsored Podcast Series: A 6-part exclusive series of educational, thought leadership and non-commercial podcasts hosted in partnership with an ACBM editor. Podcasts will be recorded as discussion with your SME providing talking points to our editor for reference.

Sponsored podcast series examples are provided towards bottom of page. 


Digging deeper

This series delves deeper into larger issues and trends influencing the construction industry, as well as best practices and tools that can help improve jobsite efficiency, productivity, profits and safety.


This podcast series highlights the innovative equipment, technology, companies, and individuals that are breaking new ground in the construction industry.


This Rental-focused podcast series features conversations and interviews with subjects from around the industry that pertain to the challenges, questions, goals, and business tips that business owners want to know about and have answered.


Backbone of America

Through these conversations, the editors of Asphalt Contractor and 

Pavement MaintenanceReconstruction magazines introduce you to the hardworking men and women who are out there building the roads, bridges, and parking lots we rely on every day in our country.


The ForCast

ForConstructionPros' Editor-in-Chief Wayne Grayson sits down with the best editors in the business to break down their coverage of construction equipment, technology, infrastructure, materials and the stories impacting the industry.

Sponsored Podcast Series

The Contractor's best friend 

Caterpillar has a lot to say about various topics in the industry, so we have helped them record a podcast series that we edit, promote, and house on our site. They bring their team of experts and we take care of the rest! The series, now in their fourth season,  moderated by starring author and coach, Brad Humphrey, reaching thousands of listeners and covering topics from drones to millennials. 

Tenna Talks.png

Tenna Talk 

Tenna talks with ForConstructionPros and special industry and contractor guests in the TennaTALK podcast mini-series to inform the construction industry about business systems and tech trends built for construction companies owning and operation an equipment fleet. Listen in to learn how contractors can choose and use the right tools for success. 

Direct Access.png

Direct access 

The Direct Access Podcast from JLG Industries, and hosted by ForConstructionPros, takes a deep dive into the company's cutting-edge access equipment and explores everything from the inspiration behind the machines to how they are engineered to take out some job site pain points. 


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